Dr Karen Davies – Veterinarian/Practice Manager

Dr Karen Davies graduated from University of Melbourne 1991 with Honours. Her interest in animals started at a very young age where as a toddler she would take the little snails out of their shells and put them in with the big ones, as in her words “they were too little to leave home”. This then stepped up in primary school to rescuing kittens and rearing them from the “crazy cat lady” over the back fence.

Initially working in the shelter system for 6 years Karen has spent the last 19 years in private practice. Over the years Karen has extended her veterinary interests to include the treatment of exotic species, reptiles and wildlife, and in the past 2 years become self-educated in the field of animal rehabilitation and hydrotherapy services.

Karen ‘s supported in her efforts by fiancé Brett,  sons Daniel and Nathan and daughters Brianna and Georgia. She  loves her Bulldogs (or should we say is addicted) and the two Quarterhorses that call their farm home.

An appreciation from the opportunities given to her by mentoring veterinarians in her school years has seen Karen take on many veterinary and nursing students in the practice, along with teaching positions over the years and speaking at many community based events. Her dedication has seen the practice awarded Wyndham Business Awards for New and Emerging Small Business 2012, Small Service Business 2015 and Business Person of the Year 2016.

Dr Sarah Schultz

An impromptu application for a job before she had even sat her final exams, saw Sarah join the team in early 2015, we had to wait for her honeymoon before she could start. We didn’t have a position going, but made one for her such was her ability and enthusiasm.

Having obtained her degree at JCU in Queensland, she has moved back to Geelong and married Chris. She has a pair of busy little terriers, and is training young Benji in agility. Coming from a family owned pet shop background she is fluent in fish, bird and reptile medicine and surgery, and her dog and cat medical knowledge for one so young, is mind-blowing.  Honing her surgical skills over the past 2 years Sarah is now also an accomplished surgeon.

A train enthusiast, she and Chris help operate the steam trains out of Geelong and are committee members of the Uncle Bobs-Geelong branch, raising money each year for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Karen Donnelly (Nurse)

Karen comes from a long career of public service, before joining the veterinary field a few years ago and undertaking her Certificate 4. We were thrilled to welcome her on board as the “Nana” of our crew. With 7 grand-children on the decks, she is very patient and great at entertaining clients kids while we see their pets in clinic.

Karen is our “Crazy Cat Lady” with Gypsy, the Burmese and Dora, the recycled feral cat.  A fan of Eeyore (of Winnie the Pooh fame) and an avid line-dancer, Karen will occasional bust a move to entertain patients.


Kim Bowden (Nurse)

After many years in private practice, including a stint of owning one (an amazing achievement as a vet nurse) we were thrilled to welcome her to Direct Vets’ Team in 2015. She and hubby Craig share the house with a farm-load of animals including 3 Golden Retrievers, 4 cats, guinea pigs, pigeons and whatever homeless waife wandered in from the neighbourhood in the last week. For her dainty size, Kim is surprisingly strong and will help wrangle the biggest of beasts.

Fostering Penny (one of the Retrievers) turned into a foster fail, and you will often see her in the clinic. Penny was born missing her right kidney, and both the ureters instead of emptying into the bladder, opened closer to the end of the system leaving her incontinent. Surgery to correct the issue was only partially successful and she wears a nappy to catch the drips. She is an amazing comfort dog for patients in the clinic for treatment and will often curl up next to them to lend support.


Alicia Mits

Alicia started her Certificate 4 Veterinary Nurse training with Direct Vets in 2016, and managed to find herself employed before she had even finished. Being shy and sensible, she is the quiet achiever in the practice. Her husky “Sparks” on the other-hand is her alter-ego.

They are renowned for taking selfies with one photo-bombing dog ever present in the background.

Although still on her “P-plates”, Alicia is settling in well and her smile and cuddles are enough to make any anxious pet feel reassured. There are big things to come for this young lady as she advances through her training and we love seeing her confidence grow each and every day.


After Hours Emergencies:

Direct Vet Services is proud to support local emergency vet care services in the Point Cook area.

If you are in need of emergency pet care you can contact any of the following emergency veterinary care services.

Advanced Vet Care - Kensington
Animal Accident & Emergency - Essendon Fields
Western Animal Emergency Centre - Werribee

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