Congratulations on the arrival of your new pet! Whether your little kitten or puppy is your family’s first fur-baby, or if you have added to your ever growing menagerie – there is plenty to consider in the early days to ensure your pet has the best chance to reach optimum health.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do in the coming months for your precious Christmas addition –

Vaccinations: While vaccination schedules will vary for dogs and cats, your vet will be able to offer you detailed information on when to pop in for your pets first vaccinations. Once the initial course is complete, you’ll be able to drop back your vaccination to annual boosters. Ask at Direct Vet Services for a breakdown of your pet’s immunisation schedule. And because we know life gets busy, we will send you reminders to ensure you never miss an appointment!

Microchipping: If you purchased your pet from a breeder or have decided to rescue a pet in need of rehoming, your facilitator should already have had your pet microchipped. The breeder/shelter will also need to transfer your new pets microchip into your details with the data-base, which is as simple as filling out a form.

Council Registration: All pets in Australia need to be registered with their local council. If you are a Wyndham local, simply ask at reception at your next appointment at Direct Vet Services about registering your pet for free.

Flea control: Start spot-treating your pup or kitten for fleas from 8 weeks of age, and consider long term use of tablets for prevent any infestations. We can help you select the right flea control for your pet.

Worming: Puppies and kittens will need to be wormed every 2 weeks until 12 weeks old and then monthly until they are 6 months old. At this point, you can use over the clinic counter tablets for a 3- month dose. It is crucial that you treat your pup for heartworm prevention from 12 weeks of age.

Desexing: It is possible to desex your pet from as little as 10/12 weeks of age – a responsible option for those who have no intention of professionally and ethically breeding their pets. We tend to wait a little longer for the larger breed to develop, however small breed puppies and kittens can be done earlier.

Ongoing responsibilities also include offering a vet-approved balanced diet, continuous grooming and consistent dental care, as well as puppy training for your dog. You may also like to consider your options for pet insurance, to ensure you don’t need to lose sleep over medical bills for your new family member in the future.

It may seem like there are lots of responsibilities to keep in mind when embarking on your new life as a pet owner. But fear not, with the assistance (and gentle reminders!) of a trusted Vet and their amazing support staff, you’ll be able to enjoy the precious moments and life-long friendship your new addition has to offer, while leaving the rest up to us. To make an appointment at Direct Vet Services to discuss your new pet’s health regime, simple book an appointment online or give us a call on (03) 9369 1822.

We’d be so happy to help. 