We are incredibly lucky to have a myriad of extensive veterinary care options available to us in Australia. But do all vets provide the same services? It can be hard to tell which vet is the best option for you and your pet, however understanding and investigating what services, products and skills your vet has available to them, before making the decision on where to take your pet for their check-ups, vaccinations, emergencies and operations, is well worth the effort.  

Over the next couple of months, we will take a look at the questions you should be asking to ensure you make the right decision, that will last your pets’ lifetime.  

Here is the first one… 

How well does your vet know your pet? 

Do you see the same faces when you pop in to visit or does there seem to be a revolving door of staff? Much like the childcare industry, different vet clinics will operate under different protocols, with some large practices having a huge number of staff, meaning you may not see the same face twice. Staff retention is a good sign that the people working there, including reception staff, vets, vet nurses, trainees and volunteers, are happy and well looked after. This is turn benefits you, because a happy team means a happy experience for your pet. Seeing the same faces each and every time you visit also means that your pet becomes part of the clinics’ infrastructure; a familiar face whose history is well known and discussed amongst the team is invaluable. Having access to the same trained staff also helps to alleviate stress in a pet when they arrive, especially if they require regular visits. And once you’ve built a rapport and your pet acclimatises to the routine, it becomes a much less stressful time for all concerned. The benefits of accessing a vet who operates as a small business, rather than a large organisation, include knowing your value within the community (this may be something as small as having your pets name remembered or as large as your vet knowing that they’ll need to allow extra time for reassuringly getting your anxious pet through the doorway), not having to retrace history or past files with new staffers and being able to work collaboratively with your team to best maintain your pets health. We have 3 vets at Direct Vet Services, so we are able to provide consistent small group care, where we are familiar with you and your pets. Did you know that apart from our recent graduate Dr Rachel (who is in her second year with us), all of the vets and nurses have been at Direct Vets more than 5 years? 



What kind of services above and beyond ‘maintenance care’ do you have access to?  

Outside of vaccinations and check-ups, do you know what kind of care you have access to at your vets? Can you be sure that you’ll be able to organise emergency treatment for your pet within the clinic and not simply be referred to an animal hospital? Do they have the capacity to carry out surgical procedures, get dental X-rays, or treatment for snake bites? At Direct Vet Services, you can. With access to modern technological advancements like rapid in-house pathology results, dental x-ray & advanced DR (digital) X-ray equipment and extra antivenin in stock, our clients can be assured of the most advanced, experienced and professional care at all times.

  • We not only treat dogs and cats; we also treat exotic pets, reptiles, birds and wildlife.
  • As early adopters of advanced technologies, we invest heavily in new equipment each year.
  • We offer most surgeries on site including advanced dental and orthopaedic procedures, as well as the more routine procedures.
  • If it is a surgery that requires specialist skills or equipment, we provide expert teams that support our clients and their pets whom we can utilise if necessary.

At Direct Vet Services, we pride ourselves on balancing the practicality and science of good animal care with the art of ensuring that all of our clients feel valued, nurtured and cared for. Afterall, when our pets need medical attention, it is crucial that the vet you’ve chosen knows when to take swift medical action, but also when to offer a reassuring tummy scratch. 

Give us a call to book your first consultation and take advantage of our special offer available to all new clients – $20 off your choice of appointment or surgery costs.