Following on from last month’s article sharing the questions to ask your vet, here we share other considerations when choosing the vet for you and your pet 

How quickly can your vet respond in an emergency situation? 

No one likes to anticipate an emergency situation for their pet, but our staff do. With a team of vets and nurses on duty each and every day we are here to help. During our recent renovations, we included a triage room allowing us to act swiftly in an emergency situation, minimising delays and pain for your pet. Inhouse blood analysis equipment ensures that we can run samples looking for haematology and biochemistry abnormalities within 20-30 minutes, meaning we are able to diagnose critical cases like snake bites, infections and severe illnesses, in some cases, quicker than you can at your own doctors. We have access to a team of incredibly efficient outside consultants for assistance who we can call upon in difficult situations to ensure that your pet has a team of specialised carers working toward getting them better, usually at no extra cost to you.  

We also have extremely strong and long-held partnerships with after-hours consultants, ensuring that no matter what happens at what time of day, your pet can be treated and we will be updated on the case. If you are new to the area, we can request history files from your past vet clinics to ensure we have all of the information we need to pick up where they left off.  

Most people panic about the cost of emergency care above all else. While this is completely understandable, we are sure to be upfront about the cost of care from your first consult right through to emergency care. 

To help reduce bill shock and to ensure that good quality health care is available to all of our pets, we’ve enlisted the help of OpenPay, a payment system where you can get the help you need immediately and worry about the financial side of things later. In this regard, we hope to reassure our community that we understand how unexpected costs can rock the financial boat so to speak, and we are thrilled to be able to offer an interest free alternative. Coming in 2020 we will also have wellness plans incorporating annual vaccinations, consultations and preventative parasite care, along with several more inclusions. Watch this space! 

Will your doctors be willing to refer you to a specialist if needed?  

In some cases, outside care is required. It’s usually in cases where we would recommend the expert advice of surgeons or practitioners who specialise in a specific arm of veterinary care, like cardiology or oncology. With more than 35 years of experience volunteering and working in the veterinary industry, Dr Karen has forged some amazing friendships with some of the most extraordinary specialists that support our patients and our team in providing the best of care. We have created a strong, experienced, dedicated team of specialists to care for your fur-family, some of whom are able to attend on site whilst others require referral to specialist centres. 



Do you have access to an on-site pharmacy, or will you have to go elsewhere for prescriptions?  

This is important, because as we know, carting your unwell pooch around town trying to get results, x-rays and then prescriptions is not really, if ever, a feasible option when everyone is stressed, worried and not feeling their best. At DVS, we have an extensive on-site pharmacy to support your pets needs in a quick and timely manner, ensuring they have the best of care as soon as possible. It is imperative that you know where the medications you are providing to your pet are genuine and have been appropriately stored and transported. With the appearance of online pharmacies, we have also seen a rise in the number of animals treated with and on occasion poisoned by non-genuine medications. There is a huge market in fake products. The medications we stock have been purchased through registered veterinary wholesalers, ensuring that your pet is safe and the medications will have the desired effect. We really are your one-stop-shop for quality pet care.  



At Direct Vet Services, we pride ourselves on balancing the practicality and science of good animal care with the art of ensuring that all of our clients feel valued, nurtured and cared for. Afterall, when our pets need medical attention, it is crucial that the vet you’ve chosen knows when to take swift medical action, but also when to offer a reassuring tummy scratch. 


Give us a call to book your first consultation and take advantage of our special offer available to all new clients – $20 off your choice of appointment or surgery costs.