Australia has embraced dogs being welcome across every aspect of family life, from cuddles on the couch to puppacinos at cafes and indeed, our holiday itineraries. With numerous camping grounds now welcoming your four-legged best friend with open arms, the popularity of family camping adventures that include Rover, Roxy and Ranger has gone through the roof.  

Are you planning on camping with your whole family (furry variety included) once travel restrictions ease across Metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria? Then you are certainly not alone!  

Check out our tried and tested travel tips for taking your pooch camping this Summer ~ 

  • Check your dog’s vaccination, worming and tick/flea treatments are up to date ~ being in the bush or anywhere along the eastern seaboard for that matter, can increase the likelihood of your dog coming into contact with mosquitos, ticks, and fleas, so you’ll want to be sure that their health is protected before you hit the road. It’s also wise to make sure that your pet’s microchip details are valid, just in case your dog wanders off from the campsite and you need to be contacted quickly.
  • Be prepared ~ Most campgrounds in Victoria and across Australia require that your dog be leashed at all times during their stay. You’ll need to make sure that you arrive with a nice, long lead and stake so that you can ensure your dog is safe and close by at all times. You’ll also want to take a comfy bed and some familiar toys with you to help your dog adjust to his new surroundings and get a good night’s rest. Ensure you have plenty of freshwater for your entire stay and keep an eye on your dog’s intake to avoid dehydration. If your dog is food-orientated, a pocketful of treats will help you with reward training as your dog comes to understand your new expectations at the campsite. Consider your options if you do not have access to power for storing your dog’s food during your stay, and as a general rule, we always take more food than we think we’ll need just in case.
  • Adjust to your surroundings ~ Dogs can struggle to regulate their own body temperature (especially Bracchy breeds like Boxers, Pugs, and Bulldogs), so if you are adventuring over the summer months, be sure you have access to cool, shaded spots where your dog can cool off out of the scorching sun. Cooling mats are a great option if you are unsure of what your campsite will look like before arrival, as are quick dips in local watering holes or paddling pools if you have one. Despite the searing days, camping can also mean chilly nights, so be sure that your dog’s bedding and blankets provide enough warmth for them to sleep comfortably through the night – sharing a tent with an unsettled dog can result in less sleep for both of you! 

  • Fundamental first-aid ~ Camping adventures will often take you to new, unfamiliar territory, far from your regular vet. Therefore, it is prudent to pack a puppy first aid-kit, packed with essential medications, bandages or antihistamines if your pet needs them.
  • Keep your canine close ~ The beauty of taking your dog camping with you is that they make an absolutely ideal adventure buddy! Dogs are usually very keen to explore new surroundings however there are many dangers to consider. Snake bites, heatstroke, fire pits, other dogs on the grounds and tick bites can all land your dog in danger in no time, so we advise taking your dog with you whenever you walk away from your campsite. Be sure to check your dog over every day and every night for any symptoms that are cause for concern.

With all of our preparation advice in mind, it is now time for you to find a great camping ground that will welcome your dog and ticks all of your personal requirement boxes. Some dog-friendly camping spots can be found here Dogs On Holidays though it’s always advisable that you research the different options, services, and pet policies for anywhere you choose to stay.

After the year that we have had here in Victoria, I sincerely hope that you are able to get out of the house and explore our beautiful surrounds and landscapes. We really are spoiled for choice here in Melbourne, and I am certain that your pooch will love tagging along with you on your next, long-awaited, and well-deserved adventure.  

If you are a regular at Direct Vet Services and are hitting the road on a camping trip in the near future, here are our contact details ready to save to your phone or print out for safe-keeping.  


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