July is National Desexing Month

At Direct Vet Services, we take your pets health very seriously. We do however understand, that no two pets are the same, so neither should their health care be.

To celebrate National Desexing Month we are offering three packages to suit every pet’s current state of health, and your budget. While we certainly have to take your pet’s weight and age in to account, we also stress the importance of top quality pre and post care for all of our surgery patients.

We work hard to be as transparent as possible when it comes to costs incurred for care provided. As in all cases of surgeries, there are always risks involved with unanticipated costs, but we pride ourselves on educating our customers as much as possible prior to your appointment so that you are aware of the costs involved.

July is National Desexing Month, and with so many benefits associated with desexing your pet, there has never been a better time to book in your appointment.  

We will be offering all Wyndham residents an incredible $20 rebate  for pets booked in for speying or castration throughout the month. Wyndham residents can also get free council registration (until April 2020) and $50 rebate as long as your pet is microchipped ~ saving you a massive total of $70!  

To ensure your pet has amazing aftercare beyond their procedure, we’ll also give you  a further $20 voucher to use on in clinic services valid for period 3 months.    

With prices starting as little as $110 for cats and $200 for dogs before the rebate, there’s never  been  a better time to get your pet microchipped, registered and  desexed. 

Procedure Only Package 

For the budget conscious owner, the basic package is available.  In the event we incur difficulties during an anaesthetic, we will always provide fluids etc if needed.  This package is suitable for young, healthy dogs and cats with no known allergies or health complications.

 Premium Package 

If the you are concerned about having a little extra reassurance for your pet but are also budget-conscious, then the premium package may be the ideal fit for you and your pet. We will offer an IV catheter during surgery, which means we have that open portal in the vein ready to go should we need it and provides the pet with a little extra pain relief.

 Safety First Package 

We recommend the safety-first package to all patients. Many patients have hidden illnesses that can alter the body’s ability to handle anaesthetic drugs, and/or clear them from the system. By running pre-anaesthetic blood tests, we can identify issues with the liver and kidneys particularly, both of which are essential for clearing anaesthetic drugs from the system. Even young animals can have hidden issues, such as Polycystic kidneys or Liver shunts. Forearmed is forewarned as they say, and any unexpected changes may mean that we change the medications of choice for the procedure or delay it to try to identify potential problems.

Intravenous fluids help in a couple of ways. Firstly, they help to flush the anaesthetic agents from the system and improve hydration in fasted animals. All anaesthetic agents cause a decrease in blood pressure, and IV fluids can assist in reducing these effects, stabilising blood pressure and therefore heart rate and circulation. Fluids also mean that we have an open and functional catheter in place in the event of an emergency, so we do not need to stop and place one in a compromised patient before we can administer lifesaving drugs. Whilst anaesthetics are quite safe these days, and we use many of the same drugs as they use in humans, there is never no risk. Take home pain relief provides the pet with additional relief 24 hours after surgery – these are complicated and uncomfortable procedures and I am sure all pets appreciate a little extra relief.

Our packages are designed to accommodate a wide range of pets of varying ages, size and health conditions, so if you are unsure of the package that is most appropriate for your pet, please contact us on 03 9369 1822 or email us at directvetservices@bigpond.com so we can assist you.

Please note that we will assist you in finding the right package for your pet, personalising our service to your dog or cats very specific needs. Elderly, ill or giant breed patients may not be given a choice in package however, as the risk of surgery without additional pre and post care may be deemed too great. Surcharges will apply to all pregnant/on heat pets. A 50% deposit will be taken upon booking.