“Well, they’ve asked me, Clover, to let you know all about us here at Direct Vet Services and Noisy the parrot (my best friend), is going to give me a helping wing too.
So here goes!”

Dr Karen (our mum) along with the rest of the friendly, caring Direct Vet team who you can learn more about here, looks after many pets just like you and me, every day. 

Each day brings in new visitors who are now our friends. Noisy and I never know who is going to walk, fly, slither or hop in next but what we do know is they are all given a lot of love and attention and usually a few treats too! 

The team here love pets and can help any of you  whether you are sick or injured or just here for all your routine check ups keeping you healthy, fit and active!

There are also oodles of fun things too like exercise classes, puppy pre-school and best of all, nutritious food, treats and toys! And for some reason all our owners very keen on our dental care – apparently some of us have smelly breath! 

And here are a lot of other reasons our friends pop in:

  • De-sexing
  • Surgery
  • Emergency and Critical Care
  • Radiology / X-rays
  • Nutritional advice
  • Animal behaviour
  • Microchipping

Noisy and I would love to meet you and your owner in our clinic and show you around! 

With love, a wet nose and a squark,

Clover the Bulldog and Noisy the Parrot