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Veterinary Consultations

At Direct Vet Services we aim to provide you with the information and assistance you need to provide the best of care for your pets. Having furred, feathered and scaly members of our families our staff enjoy caring for your pet no matter what the species.

Micro Chipping

Microchipping involves the placement of a small silicon implant at the base of the neck between the shoulder blades. Each chip has an individual 15 digit number, and once implanted the number is registered along with the contact details that you provide.


We recommend desexing all pets that are not used for animal breeding programs, and suggest that it is done before the animal has its first season. Undesexed female dogs are at risk of many of the same diseases as humans, and a few unique to themselves.


One of the most important things that you can do to protect the health of your pet is to ensure that you have up to date vaccinations for your pet. When our pets are first born that are provided with immunity from their mothers milk, however this fades in the first few weeks of life and after that it is up to you.

Emergency + Hospital Care

Having a pet in hospital can be a worrying and traumatic time, that’s why we offer the best vet care possible to your family member.

Dental Care

Dental care is one of the most important factors that affect your pets health, with many disease arising from poor dental hygiene.You should be having your pets teeth checked every twelve months to ensure that there isn’t a build up of plaque and tartar.

Puppy Pre-School

There is no doubt that getting a new puppy is a great time in anyones life, but without the necessary training early in life a cute new puppy can turn into a mischievious nightmare.Our puppy pre school is operated by Chiarra Perry of Point Cook Dog Training, a qualified Delta Instructor.


We offer Xray services with in the practice to aid in the work up and diagnosis of a range of conditions where appropriate for your pet. Having these facilities on-site means that your pet is able to be diagnosed in a more timely manner and that appropriate treatment commenced.


Surgical procedures play a major role in the range of veterinary services we provide to our patients. We maintain two surgical suites to best tailor our services to the range of conditions we encounter requiring surgical care.


Pet Nutrition is an important aspect of veterinary care, over the last ten years pet nutrition has come along in leaps and bounds and the quality of pet food and nutritional information today far exceeds where it was ten years ago. We carry both Royal Canin and Hills brands, with medical and maintenance diets available.

Animal Behaviour

Many household pets are often mistaken for being aggressive or untrainable or ‘bad dogs’ simply because they are acting out.This isn’t necessarily the case and in most instances is a result of the pet having some deeper psychological issues.

Natural Therapies

Direct Vet Services is happy to introduce Pawsitive Animal Therapies. Pawsitive Animal Therapies provides natural therapies for dogs and cats in the Point Cook area.

Exotic Species

For those with a love for exotic species such as reptiles and turtles, Direct Vet Services can assist with all of your veterinary care and consultations.

Pocket Pets

Guinea pigs, rats, ferrets and rabbits are often a great option for first family pets and keeping them in good health is made easy at Direct Vet Services.


Birds make great pets, but it can sometimes be easy for owners to overlook the need to take proper care of them. There is a variety of things that are needed to ensure that your bird is in good health.

After Hours Emergencies:

Direct Vet Services is proud to support local emergency vet care services in the Point Cook area.

If you are in need of emergency pet care you can contact any of the following emergency veterinary care services.

Advanced Vet Care - Kensington
Animal Accident & Emergency - Essendon Fields
Western Animal Emergency Centre - Werribee

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