Just like humans, it is important to keep your pet trim and toned through regular exercise, less overfeeding, and a healthy lifestyle. An overweight animal risks health problems such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, liver disease, and insulin resistance. Not only that, but an overweight pet has a shorter life span and poorer quality of life. So, we bring to you the 3 essential tips for keeping your pet in the best possible shape!

1. Provide a healthy diet

While all pet’s nutritional requirements will vary, it is highly recommended buying vet approved food / food purchased from the vet for a number of reasons, mainly because it can be individually chosen to fit a pet’s needs and will meet Australian standards. A few general rules to remember though:

  • Go easy on the treatsIt’s a good habit to measure the food to ensure you are not over or under feeding
  • Examine the labels of the pet food to ensure you are making an informed purchase
  • Provide a variety of foods which contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
  • A combination of tinned, dry and fresh meats are recommended to provide diversity and ensure optimal nutrition
  • Bones are a great addition to a pet’s diet, and can aid in prevention of gum disease
  • Remember that kittens and puppies have extra nutrient needs so therefore require a specialised diet.

2. Get regular vaccinations

One of the most important things that you can do to protect the health of your pet is to ensure that you have up to date vaccinations for your pet. Vaccinations help to initially gain immunity and follow up injections help in maintaining immunity. For optimal health, pets need regular vaccinations against common ills, such as rabies, distemper, feline leukaemia, and canine parvovirus. How often your dog or cat needs to be immunized depends on their age, lifestyle, health, and risks, so come in and speak to us about the vaccinations that are appropriate for your pet!

4. Exercise!

At Direct Vet Services, we can provide an exercise plan to assist your pet’s needs during recovery after injury or surgery, with the aim of reducing recovery times and improving function. Day-to-day speaking though, all animals (especially dogs) need exercise and play time. Make sure to schedule some active time with your pooch – you’ll probably burn some calories, too! Running, or even a simple game of fetch is a great way to keep your pet fit, while also providing a bonding opportunity for you both!

At Direct Vet Services, we recommend that you have at least regular annual pet checks to ensure optimal animal health and keep up to date with their vaccinations where needed. We offer a number of free services with our nursing staff including new puppy and kitten health checks, and weight management consultations.  Our nursing staff are trained and experienced in assessing your pet’s nutritional needs having undertaken courses in Pet Nutrition, and are also able to offer free “weight assessment” programs, to help you trim your pet down after a weight gain. Plus, we have a wide selection of pet foods and will gladly help you identify the best overall dietary needs for your pet. Your pet’s health and wellbeing is our number one priority at Direct Vet Services