Nurse Karen (DVS’ self-confessed crazy cat lady) will be posting regular cat related information here. 

If you have a topic you’d like Nurse Karen to cover, any questions or ideas, send us an email at In homage to our wonderful clinic cat we thought it fitting that my first feature be about the handsome man himself and the Devon Rex breed. 

Most of our clinic regulars would have met Puckers the Devon Rex. He is our pesky PR manager & totally rules the clinic. 

These funny elfin like cats originated in Devonshire England in the late 1950’s. They may look a bit alien in appearance but it is a natural mutation. They have long skinny necks, oddly shaped heads, ridiculously big ears and a coat that ranges from wildly curly to soft suede. They are a midsize cat ranging from 2.5kg to 5kg. Despite popular myth, they are not hypoallergenic. They do shed, though their unique coat may make the shedding more tolerable. 

Devon Rex cats are a little bit crazy. Some people say they are a cross between a cat, a dog, a monkey & Dennis the Menace (sounds just like Puckers to me!) They are also fun loving and have quite a relaxed attitude to everything. They easily learn tricks and are always ready for a game of hidenseek or fetch. They absolutely love their food. They will beg, steal & borrow every food item left around. Puckers loves his food & was the reason for the lids on the new treat containers in reception. Staff have to hide their lunch otherwise the only one to get fed is Puckers!! 

They are a unique breed as they possess dog like qualities, such as loyalty & they love being around humans. They will happily follow you and take an intense interest in everything you do. Puckers investigates the pharmacy every morning when we open the clinic & simply must check over all of the consult rooms too. His antics have everyone in stitches and he has quite a loyal fan base. 

We regularly post his antics on his Instagram page. 

To follow him, check out Pucker_up_dvs

Did you know that the Egyptians worshipped cats as gods? 

Cats have not forgotten this. 

I’ll see you next month in Pucker’s Pet Corner! 

Nurse Karen