It’s no secret that at Direct Vet Services, we are family. From the staff who work tirelessly, to the clients who bring us smiles and their pets who fill our hearts, we’ve become so much more than a little, local Veterinary clinic. We care about each other, we check in with each other when times are tough, and we lift each other’s spirits, day in, and day out.  

An excellent example of the camaraderie we’ve developed with our wonderful community lies in the email we received recently from a beautiful ex-client, Buzzy. Just because Buzzy had moved away, didn’t mean that we still thought of him and wished him the best on his big adventure.   

Buzz was a rescue that had had a really traumatic start to life. Luckily, and we mean LUCKILY, he found his way to the most amazing family who worked exceptionally hard to overcome his massive anxiety issues. Buzzy struggled in the beginning, as a lot of rescue dogs do. He ate the house, he ate the furniture, he literally chewed on everything in paws reach when he felt stressed or nervous, which was most of the time. Buzzy’s family showed great patience, love and resilience in handling Buzzy’s transition to his new life, and we are so grateful, because with time, their hard work paid off. When Buzzy’s family decided it was time for a change of scenery, we were all concerned about how he would handle a big move. After receiving this email, we are thrilled to say he has handled it like a boss! Thank you so much Buzzy for your correspondence, we’ve been thinking about you and knew that if anyone could cope with a massive upheaval, it was you and your incredible fur-ever family! 

There really is nothing cooler for our staff here at DVS to hear from our patients, past and present. Just because we might no longer see you as often as we once did, that doesn’t mean that we don’t smile from ear to ear when we hear about your triumphs, challenges and brand-new adventures. Your letters and cards adorn our notice board, and we each get great satisfaction out of walking past them each day and remembering why we do what we do.  

We encourage you to please reach out and send us your updates and happy family snaps from far and wide – you will always be a part of our Direct Vet Services family! 

You can keep in touch here on our Google review page. 

Thank you!