We are free…… well sort of! When visiting Direct Vet Services, you must please do the following ~
😷 For in-clinic visits, masks are mandatory once you step outside the car and into the clinic (unless you have a medical exemption and this must be provided).
🛑 Stop at the door and either scan the QR code and show the staff member your green tick when you step up to reception OR fill in the day sheet with your details. Use sanitizer as provided.
☝️ One person only is permitted in the clinic with the attending pets, no matter how many pets you bring. Please let us know if you need a hand.
↔️ Maintain safe social distancing at ALL times.
If you can, it would really help if you can use the online booking system to cut down our phone time, as this takes our nursing time away from the patients. PLEASE REMEMBER ONE PET, ONE APPOINTMENT. Don’t book fluffy and Bella and Rocky in for the same appointment. We need the time to examine your pets to provide the care they need.
💊 if you need medications please call ahead and allow 24 hours for the vets to find the time they need to access your file, assess durability of repeats or whether we need to see you again, and then get the medication sorted. We are so busy as the only clinic we know of taking on patients that can’t be seen at their usual vets. Don’t give our nurses grief if we need to see you, we must comply with Vet Board Prescribing Guidelines.
Telemedicine and Phone consults are still available for suitable cases if you would rather “see” us from home.
❤️ loving having you all back again.