On Friday 8th October, we will be celebrating Vet Nurse Day with our wonderful team of capable, competent and quite frankly, sensational Vet Nurses. This annual event marks the day that Veterinarians, and the wider community, recognise the crucial role these wonderful professionals play within our industry. 

Originally established by the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia, Vet Nurse Day gives us a chance to reflect on and appreciate the care, efforts, and significant contributions our nurses offer to not only our vet team, but also to you and your much-loved pets. If you’ve ever been a visitor here at Direct Vet Services, you’ll be accustomed to the high-level of professionalism and kindness our beautiful Vet Nurses show to all of clients (both the fur-less and fur-ever kind!). They are the smiling faces that greet you, the warm hands that reassure your pets, and more than likely, the next-level geniuses who’ll remember your pet’s favourite treat in order to get them happily up on to the table.  

Vet Nurses play an integral part of the everyday operations of our clinic, from being a first knowledgeable port of call when you call or walk in the door, to a frontline assessor of possible prognosis, to administers of treatments and a second pair of hands throughout surgeries. Vet nurses are quite often responsible for post-assessment education, teaching you how to best care for your pets after they come home. They perform daily technical, diagnostic and preparatory work, from keeping our diary running so you don’t have to wait for your appointments, to administering medicines and prepping animals and rooms for consultations. Our assisting staff work tirelessly to ensure that our team is supported, but also so that you can rest assured that your pets are in the best possible hands, no matter the circumstances.  

Honestly, I could rattle off a million things our Vet Nurses do to help keep our clinic running to the highest possible standards, but I’m sure you get the picture. These hardworking, constantly-learning and fast-acting individuals make the world of difference to our practice and are worth their weight in gold when it comes to offering comfort and cuddles to your pets… one celebratory day a year hardly seems appropriate.  

So today, while we take a moment to applaud our Vet Nurses, who deal with the triumphs and pitfalls of the Vet industry each and every day, let’s be sure to remember the amazing work all Vets do in keeping our beloved pets safe, healthy and happy.  

The life of staff in any vet clinic can be very difficult, emotionally, physically, and mentally. We tragically lost another 2 Vets in Melbourne to suicide last week, both bullied by clients. Unfortunately, recently, despite having a largely amazing client base, we have also been on the receiving end of verbal abuse by individuals wanting to utilise our services. We do not deserve to hear accusations that we don’t care or that we are only in the industry for the money. Not only are these sentiments thoroughly incorrect, they are incredibly hurtful. We are people too; we endure our own stresses and take on many of those of our clients.  

We are working our proverbial tails off during this very difficult time, trying to keep up with an exponential growth in work load and a reduction in services at many other clinics, including the local emergency services.  

All we ask of our clientele is to remember your manners when you visit our clinic.  

It takes little effort to be kind and respectful, and since we prioritise showing these traits to our visitors at all times, we’d appreciate if the same courtesies could be extended to our team. Our experiences of late have led me to implement a new rule – any abuse of staff will unfortunately now result in clients being removed from our books, to protect the health and well-being of our staff because I don’t ever want to have to bury one. It may seem extreme, but my staff are stressed, busy, wonderfully kind people, and it is my duty to ensure their safety, in all facets, at all times.  

Our DVS team is appreciated beyond words. I’m grateful that they look out for me, our clients and animal community, as I’m sure the bulk of our community is. Thank you team, for every nervous pet you’ve cuddled and reassured, for every pet owner’s hand you’ve held through heart wrenching decisions. Thank you for every time you’ve stayed back to make sure our patients meds are given or that they are comfortable and able to rest. Thank you for every smile you’ve delivered, despite the long, hard days.

You are the backbone to our clinic, and indeed, our industry. And today, we thank you.   

To make a booking with one of our incredible professionals, give us a call on 03 9369 1822 or book online today.