Whether your much loved pet is of the furry, feathered or scaly variety, there is no doubt that animals can bring a whole lot of love, AND a whole lot of work into your household.

One of the best ways you can introduce your children to the world of pet ownership is to openly discuss and plan what they will be responsible for when it comes to caring for (cleaning up after!) your fur-ever friend. Keep a diary or chart as a visual aid to remind your child that pets are an ongoing responsibility – one that can’t be forgotten or neglected.

With a little instruction and guidance, you can use your pet ownership as a great platform to teach your child many important life skills. The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbournestates that having a relationship with a pet can help develop nurturing skills, empathy, communication and of course responsibility in your child.

Studies have also shown that children with pets can show signs of:

  • improved self-esteem
  • improved social skills
  • higher level of motor skills due to being more physically active

Print our simple chart and stick it to the fridge to help kids of all ages remember that there are many pet-related tasks they can and should be helping with. Please remember that adult supervision is always recommended.