In-person consults are being re-introduced at Direct Vet Services! While we will still have to follow a number of rules to ensure we are adhering to social distancing etiquette, we are incredibly excited about having all of our wonderful clients welcomed back through our doors.
Please carefully consider the following instructions for your next consultation, as we all do our best to keep our Point Cook community safe and well.
Conditions of Entry to the Clinic:
😷 No mask, No entry. If you have a general medical exemption you will need to provide evidence of this prior to entry/at time of booking to save time and wasted journey maybe.
🚗 Please remain in your car and call us to let us know you have arrived from the vehicle. When we are ready for you we will call you and let you in.
🐕🚶‍ One person per pet only in the clinic. If you have others attending with you and your pet, your guests will have to wait outside, preferably in your vehicle. If you have underage children please leave them at home with a responsible guardian. If this is not possible you will have to remain outside in the car with the children and we will take your pet in unescorted. Children must not be left in the car or carparking area, unattended.
📋 Fill out the attendance log on arrival and when leaving. This is compulsory.
🧽 Use Hand Sanitiser as provided. It is for your safety as well as ours.
🤧 If you have been unwell in the past month with any respiratory symptoms, please arrange for someone else to bring your pet and we will contact you during the consultation.
⌚️ Consultations will be strictly limited to 15 minutes of staff/client contact.
🙅 Limit of 3 clients in reception either awaiting appointments, completing admissions or discharges etc.
👍 Any clients waiting in reception need to be like a good pet. Please “Sit and Stay” and remain seated until the vet calls you in to consult.
IF YOU FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE WE ARE STILL ABLE TO DO A CONTACTLESS CONSULT, Zoom or Telemedicine consults and for the more anxious pets, outdoor consult (weather permitting).
Call (03) 9369 1822 today and one of our friendly team will help to book your appointment.