It’s pretty common knowledge that Aussies really don’t need too much of an excuse to celebrate our dearly loved pets – we love to spoil them, share their Instagram pages, dress them up and shout from the rooftops just how much we adore having them in our lives. In fact, Australians generally spend upwards of $12.2 billion dollars on their pets annually.   

Billion. That wasn’t a typo. 

It comes as no surprise then, that Australia has willfully piggy-backed off of the ‘Love Your Pet’ national day celebrated in the United States on Saturday, 20th February. It may not be a public holiday or nationally recognised day of significance on our shores (not yet, anyway!) but for years now, its popularity has grown in Australia, and for many good reasons.  

Not only has pet ownership been linked to improved physical health in Australia (thank you daily walk), research has also shown that it can also impact our psychological health as well. Owning a dog or a cat for example, has been shown to improve social connectedness, reduce stress and depression and increase levels of empathy. Pets are very much welcomed as part of our everyday lives – at cafes, beaches and even our workplaces.   

But here I am, preaching to the choir. Our Direct Vet Services Community is filled to the brim with outstanding pet owners, who do not need to be reminded of all of the wonderful side-effects of bringing home a four-legged friend. We’re quite the fanatics it seems. By the way, as an unrelated side note, have you followed Puckers’ Instagram page yet? 😉 

While we generally already love to spoil our fur-ever family, there are loads of low-cost ways you can lift the spirits of others and show the world exactly how much you appreciate the good all pets bring to our lives… 

  • Bake some healthy homemade treats for the pets in your neighbourhood 
  • Offer to walk the dogs of your elderly friends and family 
  • Invite your best pooch-pals over for a playdate 
  • Visit a nursing home with your well-trained and impeccably behaved dog (please check Covid restrictions in your area) 
  • Treat your pet to an at-home pamper session, complete with nail clip, belly rub and conditioning treatment 
  • Try out a new local on-leash trail or track  

Here is wishing you and your gorgeous fur-family a wonderful ‘Love Your Pet’ day this month. If nothing else, I hope it fills your tank, makes those around you smile and leaves your ‘plus one’ feeling as special as they are.