Australians consistently prove to incredibly responsible pet owners, with about 90% of all Aussie dogs and cats having been desexed. We all know that we should be desexing our pets, but do we really understand why? Aside from the obvious benefit of avoiding unwanted litters, what are the health benefits of spaying or castrating your pet? 

 Having your pet castrated or speyed can: 

  • Lower the risk of cancer and illnesshaving your dog/cat desexed can reduce the likelihood of reproductive organ disease, like uterine, breast, testicular and prostate cancers/infections.  
  • Stop the ovulation cycle in females and messy ‘in heat’ bleeding 
  • Improve behaviour and focus – especially from indoor dogs with less chance to roam 
  • Decrease roaming/escape acts in pets in search of a mate (which can also attribute to lower risk of injuries and accidents when unattended). Did you know that over 70% off all hit-by-car patients are entire animals and most of them males? 
  • Reduce ‘lifting the leg’ from male dogs wanting to mark their surroundings and decrease territorial behaviour 
  • Recent studies have shown that desexing your pet may also increase the longevity of your pet’s life.  
  • Reduce “humping” behaviour, although it makes for some hilarious web posts, your friends will soon tire of the extra attention.  

We strongly advocate for animal birth control here at Direct Vet services – not only do we see too many abandoned cats and dogs from unwanted litters, but we regularly witness how overcrowded our council pounds and shelters are too. It is estimated that a staggering 43,900 surrendered dogs were euthanised in Australia in 2012-2013, a sobering number that is both unnecessary and avoidable.  

July is National Desexing Month, and with so many benefits associated with desexing your pet, there has never been a better time to book in your appointment.  

We will be offering all Wyndham residents an incredible $20 rebate  for pets booked in for speying or castration throughout the month. Wyndham residents can also get free council registration (until April 2020) and $50 rebate as long as your pet is microchipped ~ saving you a massive total of $70!  

To ensure your pet has amazing aftercare beyond their procedure, we’ll also give you  a further $20 voucher to use on in clinic services valid for period 3 months.    

With prices starting as little as $110 for cats and $200 for dogs, there’s never  been  a better time to get your pet microchipped, registered and  desexed. 

Visit our breakdown of packages and prices to find out more, and call  (03) 9369 1822  today for your personalised estimate and appointment booking.

*Please note that availability is STRICTLY limited and has previously booked out early, so get in quick to secure your savings.